Allexis has been built entirely in-house at Cylo and is the foundation which each of our products stem from.

Allexis has and always will be growing and developing with the expertise of our large tech team, working across four of our offices in Europe. Today Allexis is a huge multi-purpose platform powering 10 products and counting.

Allexis can not only manage single-content, but also multi-content solutions, which allow our clients to offer broad and innovative digital solutions to their clients in a modular and customised way.

Digital Promotions

Acknowledge your valued customers and attract new ones with relevant and tailored rewards. Your digital promotion may be 2 weeks, 2 months or 8 months; it really depends on your brand objectives and the reason and product you are promoting.

Allexis is kitted with a variety of solutions to fit your needs, whether you are looking to promote a new product, revive an old product, run a seasonal promotion or just raise awareness of your brand.

We build customised websites and native apps, branded as you (so you can take all the credit) to ensure your customers remain engaged with your brand at all times, no third-party distractions! These tools deliver content direct to your customers that have a valid voucher code or access to your promotion, the only decision you need to make is how many, when and what – the rest is all on us.

With access to a huge catalogue of content, you can win over and keep customers with rewards such as e-books, audio books, music tracks, music videos and much more!

  • Are you interested in running an on-pack promotion, rewarding customers for making a purchase with a voucher code to download or stream free content? We can help with that
  • Are you looking to reward customers for making a purchase on your website? We can help with that
  • Keen to promote your brand alongside a current and powerful influencer? We can help with that
  • Wanting to raise the bar above your competitors and offer customers something that they won't get elsewhere? We can help with that

Take a look at Allexis Play, Allexis Pages and The Lounge to be inspired for your next digital promotion.

Loyalty Programs

Keeping customers loyal to your brand is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s landscape, but perhaps that is because the focus has shifted and existing schemes are yet to react.

Giving something away for free isn’t attractive enough anymore, it is now vital that the rewards on offer are both relevant and captivating to each user you are connecting with. But how do you tackle that mammoth task? We’ll tell you! You bring in a partner with access to a huge breadth of content and with deep relationships with each of their content partners, empowering them to help offer you something relevant for everyone you interact with, internationally.

At Cylo, we don’t believe in ordinary. Each brand is different, and we thrive on maintaining and emphasizing that individuality in the solutions we build for each of our clients. We help you to be relevant, targeted and most importantly unique in each aspect of your digital interaction with customers. From technology, to content; to user experience.

  • Are you looking to create or revive a loyalty program that just isn’t delivering the engagement you had hoped for? We can help with that.
  • Keen to budge the enormous amount of points or miles that your customers have accrued but are not cashing in? We can help with that.
  • Looking to build a loyalty scheme from scratch and want to ensure you start a step ahead of your competitors? We can help with that.

Take a look at The Lounge to imagine the potential power of your loyalty or employee rewards program.


Travel Entertainment

The travel and holiday sectors are those which are yet to be fully explored from a content offering perspective. Yes, there are already several in-flight solutions on the market, but many of which are very expensive and therefore can only be afforded by the largest airlines. They also only cater for a small part of the customer’s overall journey, which may no longer be enough.

For exactly this reason, Cylo have built two solutions to empower all players in the travel sector to own part or all of their customers’ journeys. Help them stay connected with entertainment for the entirety of their travel and in turn reap the benefit of interacting with them regularly and becoming their go to for all things travel.

Whether you are looking to offer a new added-value service to your booking process, wanting to boost your in-flight solution, hoping to capture your customers’ attention for more of their journey, or wanting to convert a current cost into a new revenue stream, then we have a solution to make that happen.

  • Are you looking to connect with your customers from the very start to the very end of their journey? We can help with that
  • Do you want to offer a unique entertainment solution for your passengers? We can help with that
  • Looking to engage your customers in a new way, with a service they genuinely value? We can help with that

Take a look at Allexis Travel and Allexis On-Board to see just how impactful the right travel entertainment solution can be for your business.

Custom Solutions

Once you have browsed our site, you will very quickly see quite how vast our product offering is here at Cylo. What is important to take away from this however is the modularity of each of these products. They are merely a starting point to demonstrate the power of various entertainment solutions and in what context they could work for you. However, we love to challenge the imagination and urge all of our clients to think outside the box. We even help you to! If you have a custom request, please reach out to us and ask the questions you have, it’s more than likely that we can help you.