Allexis Travel

An added-value entertainment solution for all players in the travel industry.

Allexis Travel allows you to offer your customers a dynamic and boundless multimedia experience at every point of their journey. Whether you are an airline, booking company or train/bus operator, you can enhance your offering to include entertainment packages with a variety of digital content including music, e-books, audio books, movies, magazines, TV series, travel guides, documentaries and news.

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Allexis Travel Application


  • All content is accessed and consumed on native apps and webpages
  • Multiple types of content
  • Exclusive content available
  • Content previews – trailers, 30 second clips and more
  • All titles are available with DRM protection
  • Banner space within the application and/or website for advertisement
  • Access to real-time customer insight and data via dashboard


For Airlines/Booking Companies/Train Operators/Bus Operators

  • A new added-value service for your customers
  • Cross-selling opportunities as packages are offered during the booking process
  • Turn a cost into a new revenue stream
  • BYOD solution reduces your hardware costs
  • Fully device and system agnostic
  • Additional engagement opportunities as content remains viewable after the customer has disembarked, gaining you additional engagement and advertising time with them

For Content Owners

  • Benefit from exposure to targeted demographics through leading travel companies
  • Gain insight into consumers’ content preferences
  • Full DRM protection
  • Partner with travel companies to create exclusive content