Allexis Pages

A fully customisable brand marketing solution for e-books and audio books.

Allexis play allows you to seamlessly reward your customers with digital book content. Whether you are promoting a new product, reviving an existing product, or rewarding consumers for interacting with you, digital book rewards are a great way to add value to your brand.

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Allexis Pages Application

How it Works

On-pack and Digital Promotions

Throughout your campaign, a unique voucher code or QR code will be displayed on your product packaging, or sent to your customers via email after a purchase.

A branded, native application is created, where consumers can enter this code and redeem their rewards.

e-books and audio books are consumed within the application’s e-reader on the consumer’s own device.


  • Fully customisable/branded website or application for the duration of the campaign
  • Relevant content from top authors to suit your audience
  • Customised title lists
  • Banner space within the application for advertisement
  • All titles are available with DRM protection
  • User authentication via self-registration or Facebook
  • Titles can be shared so that friends and family can read a snippet
  • Access to real-time customer insight and data via dashboard


For Brands and Agencies

  • Offer your consumers targeted, instant rewards that they truly value
  • Form stronger brand associations by keeping consumers within your brand bubble rather than sending them to third parties to redeem rewards
  • Digital allows you to gain insight into your consumers’ preferences through real time data on their reward consumption. Stay in control over your promotions and use data to make future ones more effective

For Content Owners

  • Benefit from exposure to targeted demographics through leading brands
  • Gain insight into consumers’ content preferences
  • Minimum guarantee on campaigns, with upfront payment
  • Full DRM protection
  • Partner with brands to create exclusive content