Allexis E-publishing

A fully customisable e-book platform to manage, promote, sell and distribute e-books and audio books.

Allexis e-publishing is a powerful e-book platform that enables businesses to sell their own e-book and audio book content to customers, as either a reward, a freemium service supported by ads or as a paid for premium service. Whether you have your own content to promote and sell, or just the audience that are keen to consume e-book content, we can help. All you need is the marketing budget ready to launch it and drive adoption.

Allexis e-publishing Application

How it Works

Freemium or Premium Music Services

Cylo can build a custom website exactly to your specifications as a brand, or alternatively we can integrate into an existing website if preferable. Either way your site will then become powered by Allexis, enabling all the tools you require to promote, sell and distribute your content effortlessly. This is a managed service, so very little work for your company to implement and with constant support, all of your questions will be answered in no time.

If you wish to offer a freemium model, then advertising will play a large role in your service. Advertisements can be automated through the Allexis e-publishing system which allows you to maintain control over the partners you wish to work with.

If you opt for a premium service offering, then you may already have a catalogue of content that you wish to sell. Cylo can also approach its major book publishing partners to help expand your catalogue, should you wish to.

e-books and audio books are consumed within the application’s e-reader on the consumer’s own device and is device agnostic, meaning it can be accessed on any device.


  • Fully customisable website and native applications
  • Dynamic, themed and curated title lists and feed capabilities
  • Access to major publishing content can be explored
  • Advertisement and live streaming of events available
  • User registration functionality available for your data capture
  • Access to real-time sales data via a customisable dashboard


For Content Owners

  • Cut out third-party retailers, to keep a larger percentage of the revenue for your business
  • Adapt your promotions and pricing at any time with real-time data on sales
  • Full DRM protection
  • Keep consumers within your brand bubble rather than sending them to third parties
  • Sell advertisement space as a sole or additional revenue stream

For Retailers

  • Digital allows you to gain insight into your consumers’ preferences through real-time data on their consumption
  • Offer seasonal promotions to adjust sales through peaks and troughs throughout the year
  • Promote your business through dynamic and sleek websites and apps
  • Access to multiple content types, should you wish to expand your offering at any time