Allexis Music is a white label music platform for artists, content owners and brands across the globe

The platform incorporates the latest cutting edge cloud technology to deliver seamless back and front end functionality with a fully customisable player for Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • Audio streaming, downloads and live concert streaming
  • Search, playlist and curation functionality
  • Sophisticated audio recognition services for music recommendations
  • Full artist archives
  • Scope to build in merchandise and ticket sales
  • Displays in multiple languages
  • Payment providers such as Paypal, World-Pay and payU, for a total of 32 currencies

For content owners and artists

For all content owners, big or small, Allexis provides a cost-effective solution that allows full control over the content, visibility, content and payment security and full traceability all the way to the end customers.

Content owners can manage rights for their music restricted by territory, retailer and availability. Allexis offers automated compilation of content and flexible management of release schedules.

Allexis offers custom built artist websites to provide them with a platform to sell their material directly to their fans and therefore build stronger relationships. These sites can by fully personalised to include links to all of the artists social media accounts as well.


  • Build your online community and your own fan data
  • Chat directly with fans to build stronger and more powerful relationships
  • Go direct to market with your artists, complementing, rather than competing with existing music services
  • Audio recognition for improved sales conversion
  • Optional watermarking of mp3 files is a user-friendly layer of content protection.

For retailers and brands

With Allexis the barriers to enter the market as a retailer are lowered due to low entry costs, one-
stop-shopping solution and fully automated sales and revenue reporting in real time. It offers the technology and simple widgets to build a brand-specific store or implement them in existing websites.

Since Allexis is not a retailer but rather the technology provider in the background, all customer relationships are retained by the retailers


  • Low entry barriers
  • One-stop-shopping solution
  • Fully automated sales reporting in real time
  • Tools to build branded store
  • Compatibility with all interfaces for end customers
  • Leverage the power of music to connect to your target audience through an intuitive and sophisticated portal
  • Offer promotions tailored to specific products