Allexis Education is designed to help schools go completely paperless while making learning fun, interactive and captivating for students

Customised tablets with preinstalled apps allow students, teachers and parents to work and collaborate with each other. Meanwhile the system empowers schools to efficiently coordinate everything from calendars to exams and homework to admissions.

Benefits for educational institutions and students

  • Provide all students with customised tablets containing pre-installed apps
  • Apps include: Calendar, Exams, Homework, Library, Announcements, Gradebook, Forum, and many more
  • Enable teachers to curate dynamic and interactive courses for their students
  • Give students access to a digital library of workbooks, textbooks and additional resources
  • Allow students to take exams and quizzes in a secure and controlled environment
  • Monitor students’ progress with full, transparent reporting
  • Communicate with students and parents on learning progress, grades and key dates
  • Take full control over user restrictions