Allexis Education helps schools to become completely paperless whilst making learning fun and interactive for students

Everything a teacher or student requires for their education is available to them in a smart and mobile tablet, with a plethora of interactive apps to support teaching and learning

Key features

  • Content control. Every school/university has the full control over content made available to their students
  • Exam mode. With a click of a button, teachers can deactivate all apps on their students tablets other than the exam set
  • Reporting. Full transparency on student activities inc. reading and homework stat
  • Highly customisable. Allexis Education is flexible to accommodate for every schools individual needs
  • Collaborative learning. Forums, chats and announcements aid effective communication between classes and teachers
  • Allexis Library and eReader. All of the educational text books and resources you require can be available and read here
  • Resource pooling. Teachers can share resources and content with one another to use in multiple classes, a real time-saver

Benefits for Schools, Universities and Teachers

  • The Allexis tablet can only be used to access the Allexis Education software, all other typical features are unavailable
  • They have full control over their users restrictions
  • Teachers can create more interactive and engaging content for their students
  • Give students access to a digital library of workbooks, textbooks and additional resources
  • Allow students to take exams and quizzes in a secure and controlled environment
  • Monitor students’ progress with full, transparent reporting
  • Communicate with students and parents on learning progress, grades and key dates
  • Cost savings on paper and printing
  • A green initiative as less paper is used

Benefits for students

  • A user-friendly, fun environment to make learning interactive and engaging
  • Easy access to class content at any time, particularly useful when they need to revise
  • Interactive exams for effortless completion
  • They have great mobility and can work remotely if required
  • Chat rooms and forums for an easy, fast interaction with classmates and teachers
  • All textbooks are available to them on one tablet, no need to carry several heavy books anymore
  • They learn to work with a digital device
  • Learning responsibility over the safety and care of their tablets

Benefits for parents

  • Clear overview on their child’s classes, grades and activities
  • Ability to update contact information quickly on personal profile
  • Easy communication with teachers and with the school
  • Ability to purchase eBooks for children
  • Visibility into the innovative ways their child is learning
  • Monitor their child’s upcoming homework and exams to ensure they are prepared