Allexis Connect is an eco-system of next generation, cloud based, e-commerce and device management technology

Allexis Connect offers a simple and effective solution to sell both digital and physical goods through one unified channel. It is available on any mobile device including tablets, smart phones and internet-enabled smart devices.

Allexis Connect

  • Compatible with the majority of retailer’s ERP/order systems
  • Retailers can promote their products through various digital channels which can be accessed by consumers on multiple devices
  • Integration with popular apps encourages end consumers to connect more regularly
  • Embedded OEM software in devices (IoT)
  • Multiple payment options on purchases
  • On demand purchasing is available as well as automated purchases for recurring order

Commercial benefits

  • Secure eco-system that can be managed at business level
  • Quick roll out of updates
  • Accessibility and control over all applications
  • Create profiles to manage groups of customers that have specific access to apps/products
  • Device management to lock and unlock devices remotely
  • Live hardware monitoring – internet connectivity, location tracking, etc.

Benefits for players

Retailers & distributors

Low cost set up

Simple to manage

An effictive way of selling goods

A direct business-to-consumer connection

Quick reaction times to consumer needs and orders

Be part of family daily life


Easy to integrate with existing smart appliances

Establish new commercial partnerships

Transform ordinary devices into an experience

End consumers

Quick to place orders

A broad selection of products

Compatible with the majority of smart devices

Goods are delivered directly to your doorstep