Brand Loyalty

Brands and marketers use Cylo to provide their customers with entertainment solutions to boost engagement and drive loyalty for their brand or business.

Brand loyalty it difficult to grow with customers taking advantage of trial periods and becoming more savvy on how to “free ride” for as long as possible. However, a key trend you will have noticed is the constant need for many people to absorb and enjoy content on their own device. This thirst creates an opportunity to win your audience over… give them the captivating content they crave and earn their loyalty!

Cylo build white-label websites and apps that are full of curated digital content including movies, e-books, music, magazines and much more. The content is selected to attract your target demographic and can be combined in any number of combinations to meet your budget.

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  • Access to vast, varied, exciting and popular content
  • A branded offer, no third-party detraction
  • Fully digital, no necessity for on-pack printing expenses
  • Continued connection with consumers
  • Targeted content for each of your audiences

Monopoly 2019

McDonalds Monopoly is an internationally well known sales promotion. Prizes including free food items such as fries or a doughnut. Working with Cylo and partner Universal Music Group, they are now able to offer four different music download rewards:

  • 1. 1 download
  • 2. 5 downloads
  • 3. 10 downloads
  • 4. 1 year of music (365 downloads)

Customers receive a voucher code printed on monopoly tickets on packs and are redeemable on the custom built McDonalds white labelled site.



Operators and Utility businesses use Cylo to provide entertainment solutions that take their service offering above and beyond.

In such saturated markets and with subscription providers such as Netflix and Spotify dominating the entertainment space, Telcom and Utility businesses need a slice of the action!

Cylo build custom entertainment OTT solutions, that are branded as our clients own. We deal with the content curation and regularly update it to ensure that the offering is dynamic and refreshed. All our clients have to do is shout about it to attract customers and build their market share.

Offer entertainment subscriptions as part of your intro offer for new customers or as an add on to start generating more revenue from your client base. With competitive pricing allowing you to contend with the big players.

  • All of the tech you need to accelerate your entry into the entertainment space
  • Curated and dynamic content to keep your subscribers hooked
  • A new revenue stream for the business
  • A unique differentiator to your competitors
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Custom Entertainment Solutions

Innovative ideas pave the way to creativity at it's finest. Whatever you are looking to achieve, what better way to engage your customers than with top class entertainment – whether it be your own that you generate in-house, or our partners major and international content across movies, music, e-books, magazines and much more…

Our Custom Entertainment Solutions opens the opportunity for you whether you are a business, an artist, an author, an individual to build your offering quickly and digitally. If you are looking to build your own subscription service, or a web store to sell your/our content, or something similar, contact us today to talk details.

The only stipulation we request, is that you have a competent and in depth marketing plan in place to give your service the kick start it deserves!