An added-value entertainment solution for all players in the travel industry

Allexis Travel allows you to offer your customers a dynamic and boundless multimedia experience at every point of their journey. Whether you are an airline, booking company or train/bus operator, you can enhance your offering to include entertainment packages with a variety of digital content including music, e-books, audio books, movies, magazines, TV series, travel guides, documentaries and news.

Allexis Travel


Entertainment Packages

When booking a trip on your website, customers have the option to add an entertainment package to their order. They can choose between three multi-content packages, each with varying combinations of content types.

This entertainment add on appears alongside other typical add-on options such as travel insurance, car hire etc. The package cost is then added into the final booking price, to avoid disrupting the booking process.

Once payment is made, the customer can use their credentials to log into the application on their device, and select and download their chosen content, which becomes available to view on the day of travel.

The content remains viewable for a determined time period after the flight/train/bus so they are entertained for the duration of their journey.

Film-Journey 1

During the ticket booking process on your website, customers are prompted to consider add-ons to their booking.

Our travel entertainment packages will appear here (integrated with your website).

Film-Journey 2

Customers can check to see what content is available to them, before making a decision to purchase an entertainment package.

Film-Journey 3

After selecting a content type, customers can browse through the selection by genre, actors, or simply use the search bar.

Film-Journey 4

Customers can click into each for more information and to watch/listen to/read a preview.

Film-Journey 5

Once satisfied, a choice can be made between three multi-content packages, each with varying combinations and quantities of content types. This is automatically added to the customer’s shopping basket.

Film-Journey 6

Once payment is made together with the rest of the booking, the customer can navigate back to the store to browse and select the specific content they wish to redeem, based on the package they selected.

Content can then be enjoyed offline via the Allexis Travel app.



  • All content is accessed and consumed on native apps and webpages
  • Multiple types of content
  • Exclusive content available
  • Content previews – trailers, 30 second clips and more
  • All titles are available with DRM protection
  • Banner space within the application and/or website for advertisement
  • Access to real-time customer insight and data via dashboard


For Airlines/Booking Companies/Train Operators/Bus Operators
  • A new added-value service for your customers
  • Cross-selling opportunities as packages are offered during the booking process
  • Turn a cost into a new revenue stream
  • BYOD solution reduces your hardware costs
  • Fully device and system agnostic
  • Additional engagement opportunities as content remains viewable after the customer has disembarked, gaining you additional engagement and advertising time with them
For Content Owners
  • Benefit from exposure to targeted demographics through leading travel companies
  • Gain insight into consumers’ content preferences
  • Full DRM protection
  • Partner with travel companies to create exclusive content
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