We are a media tech company with innovation at the forefront of everything we do. We have developed a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to engage with the digital generation.

We are a passionate team of professionals with key experience from the media sector and technology. We hold strong belief in the power and influence of digital content and how music, movies and books will forever captivate, inspire and teach the world more each day. We believe that by helping businesses to harness media content and technology as a combined force we can create a positive impact. That's what inspires us.


Our Platform

One platform, many purposes.

The Cylo platform is a combination of proprietary components that are seamlessly integrated to power our unique solutions. Its ability to manage multiple content types in a single platform differentiates it from any other media platform.

Our platform is vast and powerful, having been developed over many years by our in-house specialist tech team. Over time it has been tailored to solve various market problems and continues to grow.

We can support seven content types: Music tracks, Videos, E-books, Audio books, Movies, TV Series and Magazines


Digital Content

We work with impressive content partners to be able to offer you content that is both relevant, targeted and captivating. We have a catalogue made up of seven content types.

A Snapshot of Our Partners

Warner Music Group
Universal Music Group
Sony Pictures
Penguim Random House
Immediate Media CO
Pan Macmillian