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Allexis, our white label platform, empowers content owners, publishers, institutions, distributors, and retailers to focus on what really matters: The customer. Learn more about Allexis

Allexis Music

Allexis Music is a white label music platform for artists, content owners and brands across the globe.

The platform incorporates the latest cutting edge cloud technology to deliver seamless back and front end functionality with a fully customisable player for Android and iOS.

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Allexis Education

Allexis Education is designed to help schools go completely paperless while making learning fun, interactive and captivating for students.

Customised tablets with preinstalled apps allow students, teachers and parents to work and collaborate with each other. Meanwhile the system empowers schools to efficiently coordinate everything from calendars to exams and homework to admissions.

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Allexis ePublishing

Allexis ePublishing can be used by anybody who wants to manage and sell their eBooks, eMagazines and ePapers online.

The white label desktop platform connects publishers with retailers and book buyers around the world through one unified solution offering them full, transparent visibility and reporting on global sales in real time.

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Allexis Connect

Allexis Connect is an eco-system of next generation, cloud based, e-commerce and device management technology. It connects you and your brand with your end consumers.

Allexis Connect offers a simple and effective solution to sell both digital and physical goods through one unified channel.

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Allexis Play

Allexis Play is a white label, brand marketing solution for music, videos and audio books.
It is a channel in which brands can reward their loyal customers through a loyalty reward scheme, as well as a promotional tool to win new customer and launch new products

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Allexis Pages

Allexis Pages is a brand marketing solution which provides your consumers with temporary access to eBooks and audio books.

It is a channel in which brands can reward their loyal customers through a loyalty reward scheme, as well as a promotional tool to win new customers and launch new products.

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The Lounge

A brand new, all-inclusive digital media experience. A unique offering for brands to reward their loyal customers and to attract new ones.

Only in “the lounge” can a brand offer their consumers access to music, music videos, eBooks and Audio books conveniently collected in one place.

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Meet the team

Enzo Vailati


Sergio Corbi


Peter Pajchl

Frontend and Mobile Engineering Lead

Erwin Poganitsch

Criteria Media Exchange
Architecture & Technology Lead

Richard James

Group Controller

Courtney Grenfell

Marketing and Business Development Executive

Aimée Clapham

PA to Enzo Vailati

Jakub Stachowski

Criteria Media Exchange
Senior Backend Developer


Allexis music rolled-out new music service in South Africa

January 2017

White label music platform Allexis has rolled-out a new music service including one of the world’s largest collection of Afrikaans repertoire in combination with Universal and Warner content. The service has gone live in South Africa and launches in U.K., the U.S. and Australia are planned for 2017.

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Allexis Music builds Major Afrikaans digital music store Groot Tunes

December 2016

White label music platform Allexis builds Groot Tunes for the largest Afrikaans music label Coleske. The store is a joint venture between Colseke Artists, the world’s most sucessful Afrikaans music label, and kykNET, South Africa’s most popular Afrikaans Tv channel.

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